Farm-to-Table Freshness

Queso Campesino cheeses are manufactured from pasteurized, Grade A whole milk from cows, most often sourced from local dairies for farm-to-table freshness. Suppliers agree to exacting standards, including a commitment to the ethical treatment of their animals in a well maintained and protected environment.

Our products are all natural and minimally processed. There are no added ingredients, flavors, or growth hormones. The shelf life of Queso Campesino products ranges from 35 to 120 days depending on the product and packaging. They best consumed within 3-7 days of opening, depending on the product.

Queso Campesino cheese is all natural, made from high-grade pasteurized whole milk from cows that are well treated in a protected environment.


The Campesino label has long been recognized by Hispanic consumers for its cultural authenticity and versatility in a wide variety of traditional Mexican dishes and recipes. In Carnicerias and Mexican markets Queso Campesino cheeses are often delivered in bulk wheels or Bolas, and fresh cut at the store site into random weight wedges, chunks, or cubes.

Now, as the ethnic market matures, Queso Campenino cheeses are quickly gaining traction in the Anglo community. Supermarket deli departments and specialty food outlets have embraced the Queso Campesino brand as a uniquely flavored artisan alternative to traditional American and European style cheeses.

Exciting Menu Options

Authentic flavors and the full-bodied textures have also attracted high-end restaurants as well as mainstream food service operators eager to offer exciting new menu options to sophisticated and demanding consumers.

Queso Campesino cheeses are distributed nationwide by many of the country’s largest wholesale grocery and food service distributors. The product line is constantly evolving, with most items now offered in exact weight, random weights, bulk prepack, and tubs


The Queso Campesino label was introduced in 2001 by Colorado Ranchers Inc. under the leadership of Gabriel Robles. His vision was two-fold. As a Mexican- born immigrant, Robles was confident the growing US Hispanic market would embrace his concept for culturally authentic, high-quality Mexican cheese products.

He also believed the rich textures, distinctive flavor, and culinary versatility of his innovative, all natural recipes would capture the imagination of increasingly sophisticated Anglo consumers.

Robles chose the name Queso Campesino as a reflection of his own cultural heritage. It roughly translates to countryman or farmer’s cheese, emphasizing his insistence on true product authenticity, and compassion for the working man’s spiritual connection to the earth and history in the field.

All original Queso Campesino recipes were painstakingly formulated to match the flavor profiles of their regional or local origins

Strategic Partnerships

Queso Campesino products were first manufactured in a small, rural Colorado processing facility, but demand soon out stripped capacity. To sustain the momentum, Robles traveled the country in search of strategic production partners, selecting only those capable of meeting his exacting standards. His commitment to quality was unyielding.

In 2010, Colorado Ranchers partnered with Grupo Industrial Cuadritos of Celaya, Mexico, one of Mexico’s largest dairy product producers. The company’s original manufacturing plant re-opened in 2017 with all new processing equipment, enhanced quality controls, and expanded capacity

Innovative Brands

The relationship with Grupo Industrial Cuadritos provided a gateway for the distribution of imported Central American cheeses, many featuring bold new flavors and creative, artisan craftsmanship. A new brand name – Niña Toyita – was created to accommodate newly added products including Duro Blanco, Morolique, Quesillo, Duro Viejo and more.

Nationwide Distribution

Today, Queso Campesino cheese is available throughout the US in traditional Hispanic carnicerias, supermarkets, deli, and food service establishments. The company operates warehouses in Salt Lake City, Utah; Lincoln, Nebraska; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Dallas, Texas.

With sustained growth and a promising future, Colorado Ranchers, Inc. has never strayed from its cultural roots. The company is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and continues under the leadership of Robles as a family-owned and operated business.